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The Doctor Who Mini Prompt Challenge

Bite-sized prompt tables for Doctor Who

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Name:The Doctor Who Mini Prompt Table Challenge
Posting Access:All Members
This is a fanworks challenge comm for Doctor Who, with one difference, in that the prompt tables vary from only 3 to 20 prompts. One thing I learned doing other challenges is that 100 is a lot. So is 50, and even 30. For those who want to have a try at a prompt table, but are daunted by the number of fanworks involved, then this comm is for you!

Of course, if you like tackling lots of prompts, there's nothing to stop you working your way through as many of the prompt tables as you wish, though you may not claim more than two tables at any one time.

3-Prompt Tables
6-Prompt Tables
9-Prompt Tables
12-Prompt Tables
15-Prompt Tables
20-Prompt Tables

You are welcome to use the prompt tables for Doctor Who related fic, fanart, icons, graphics, fanmixes, vids or other fanworks. Simply produce one work in any medium per prompt and then post or link it here at the comm.

Go to the Claims Post to claim a table, character/era/pairing/theme, and get started. There will be no limits as to who can claim which pairing or character. No one ever interprets a prompt in the same way. There are no deadlines for completion of tables, but you must post at least one prompt fill within three months of signing up, or your claim will be considered inactive and removed from the masterlist.

The masterlist on the claims post will enable you to see what other people have already claimed (for interest and/or if you would prefer to claim a unique topic).

To drop your claim, please comment to the Claims Post.

How To Play
1. Choose your table.
2. Claim your table at the Claims Post.
3. Claim no more than two claims at any one time and post at least one prompt fill within three months (or contact a mod).
4. Fills - fic/meta should be at least 200 words; icon fills should include at least 3 icons per prompt; vids should be at least 30 seconds long; artwork at least 150x200; fanmixes should contain at least 3 songs. There are no upper limits! All fanworks must be created for the prompts (you can't reuse any older works) though you can combine with other challenges (provided said other challenge also allows that).
5. Post (or link) the resulting fanworks to this comm (using the posting template provided).
6. Have fun!

Prompts are for inspiration and can be interpreted as freely as you wish - as long as the prompt is in some way included in the resulting fanwork, you're good. Themed prompt-tables do not need to involve any aspect of that theme in the fanworks (although, of course, they can if you wish). For instance, the various specific Era table prompts (i.e. Third Doctor Era, Fifth Doctor Era) can be used for any characters/era/pairing you choose; Fantasy Themes don't need to include any magical elements and so on. As an example, the Flowers Prompt table could be used literally, flowers-as-character-names, metaphorically/symbolically, or by using the language of flowers for inspiration, or any other variation you can dream up. It is up to you - all prompts are simply a word (or phrase) waiting to be interpreted by you.

Feel free to post the resulting fanworks anywhere you choose as soon as you're ready to do so, but you must also link or post to the comm, using the following template. There is now an AO3 collection. Any works created for the challenge are welcome to be posted there (but don't forget to also post or link back to the comm to complete your claim.)

Tagging - please add all appropriate existing tags to your post, and the mods will take care of any that need to be created. (If you're at all confused, don't worry, just ask here, or leave it to the mods.) Tags that should be added to any fanwork posts: table, user, claim, type (fic/vid/icons/art etc.).

You will need to join the comm to post

Any other questions? Mod post & Info here.
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